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St.Johns River Pony Club


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Notes from the D.C.! * From what I hear, the eventing rally went very well for Sydney and Taylor. I am very proud of them for just going out there and doing it! Good job girls....and moms. * I would like to plan an end of the season party. I'm thinking pool and BBQ. May remains crazy for our family, and we are gone June 9th - 16th. Other than that, we are flexible. I realize we may not be able to accommodate all our schedules with vacations and camps on the horizon. Thoughts please. * We are due for a mounted and unmounted meeting. How about the last Friday in May? Dawn might have a timely topic for us (keeping your horse cool in the summer, free of flies)....I leave this to Dawn and Sandi. * Is anyone interested in going to Canterbury for a schooling? The date would be May 20th, Sunday. This is with Erika. With some of you wanting to rate up over the summer, now is the time to brush up and get ready for that and for competition in 2007-2008. The cost would be ~ Erika $35 (travel fee included in that number; this will go down the more people we have going), Canterbury schooling fee, $20-30. RSVP to me or Erika. This is a casual fun do not have to jump anything, but we will be schooling cross country. * There is an NFDA schooling show in June, August. We are going to the August show. There are most likely some FCHunter/Jumper shows coming up.....Autumn will you let us know about these? * Camps. Big question mark here. I will contact Alligator Creek PC and see if they are doing anything. If any of you know of some good camps please pass along the info.