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Quiz Prep
St.Johns River Pony Club

1) What should the closely spaced poles of a gymnastic teach your horse?
-To slow down, keep his balance, and pay attention
2) What is a progressive gymnastic?
-One that begins with a ground pole or trotting grid and leads to bigger jumps
3) What is the average distance for mutiple bounces for a large horse?
-10-12 feet
4) What is the average distance for multiple bounces for a small or short-stiring horse or large pony?
-9 feet
5) There are five important factors which make up a good approach and jump.  Name 3
-Pace, balance, line, impulsion, distance
6) What about this scene is wrong? A C-1 is at a D-Rally coaching D-1's over ground poles while the coach works with the D-2's and D-3's.
-A Pony Clubber may not instruct independently until they are a B
7) Name 3 artificial aids.
-Crop, spurs, whip, martingale
8) What 3 jumping releases should a C-2 be able to use well?
-Long crest release, short release, jumping bridge
9) When are you ready to use an automatic release?
-When your timing is good, you are almost never caught ahead of or behind your pony on a jump, you have a very secure seat with relaxed, gentle hands and arms
10) What is the cry given by a staff member when viewing the fox?
-Tally Ho!
11) Describe what is happening when puppies are "sent out to walk"
-Puppies in the summer and fal of their first year are sent out, preferable to farms to learn about chickens etc
12) What is the term for a young puppy?
13) Are standing martingales ever allowed for Show Jumping rallies?
-Yes if they are attatched to a standard cavesson fitted above the bit; may not be used in Horse II and above
14) What does "the pack is in full cry" referring to?
-the sound given by the hounds when hunting
15) What is early hunting which takes place before the formal season called?
16) How does a hound "feather"?
-He waves his stern and shows excited, concentrated activity with his body (indicating he is on or near a line)
17) When a fox returns to covert after having left it, it is said to ______.
-Double back
18) To search for a fox in a certain area is to ______ a covert.
19) When a fox goes to ground for protection he is said to go to _____.
20) In foxhunting, what does the tern "field" refer to?
-The group of people riding to hounds, excluding the MFH and staff.
21) Name eight items you should have in your grooming kit.
-Mane comb, face sponge, dock sponge, hoof pick, body brush, rub rag, dandy brush, rubber curry comb, shedding blade, body sponge, sweat scraper
22) How high should you hang a hay net?
-About at your horses eye level, but when empty it shouldn't hang below the point of the shoulder
23) Name three things that might indicate spoiled hay or feed.
-Musty smell, heat and dampness inside the bale (hay), or visible mold
24) About how much do a horses hooves grow in one month?
-1/4 of an inch
25) What is a corn?
-A painful bruise to the hoof between the bars and the wall
26) A large pony is defined as being at least how tall?
27) A small pony is ____ hands or below.